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The Cloud Makes it Easy to Back Up Your Photos

back up your photos

Back up your photos to the cloud.

The dark days of January are the perfect time to take care of some housekeeping, (not clearing out the garage or washing the windows) but DIGITAL housekeeping. Yes, you can ensure that your family’s memories are safe forever, without even taking off your slippers! It’s time to back up your photos to THE CLOUD. (I know, it sounds scary, but stick with me.)

I get this kind of calls and emails all the time: “…I meant to back them up…” “I know that thumb drive is around here somewhere…” and the ever popular “…my computer crashed and…”.

Especially if you’ve invested in professional photography of your family, you also need to think about how to keep your investment safe for generations to come. High Resolution digital images, like those that come with any of my Digital Collections deserve to be backed up so you and your kids and grandkids can enjoy them.

Usually, I’m able to find a copy of the lost files somewhere in my extensive back up system, but as the file sizes increase as technology advances, I’m limiting my backup capability to photos taken past 12 months.

Which leaves my less-than-tech-savvy clients in a bind when it comes time to unearth those precious moments. If you have a few extra minutes, read on, it will be worth your while…

display your family photos

Display your family photos in high-quality frames and enjoy them every day.

Two Short Articles on How to Back Up Your Photos

Of course, one way to avoid this problem is to invest in professionally printed photos to decorate your home. I’ve never had a client call me in a panic looking for a gorgeous album or large canvas—they see them every day.

I offer a wide range of highest quality printed products to warm your home and heart—including a classic line of American made frames.

Looking to get some family photos worthy of being backed up? Let’s talk! Send me an email, or give me a call at 203-426-4493.


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