Looking for an experienced newborn photographer in Connecticut?

I know… it’s hard!

Looking for a newborn photographer in Connecticut can be overwhelming. There are dozens of newborn photographers out there with some amazing images of cute babies on their websites. (Mine included, hopefully.)

But, when you’re choosing a Connecticut newborn photographer to work with you to capture the exact amazing-ness that is YOUR baby, you have to look beyond the highly edited portfolio photos and see what you’re really getting for your money.

You want someone who will guide and teach you, work hard to get you what you want, and, if all goes well, make you laugh.

Connecticut newborn photographer takes photos outdoors.
Your newborn photographer should let you take your guard down.

Just say NO to “Shoot and Burn”.

Quality over quantity is the key. Your new baby deserves a photographer that spends time crafting each image individually. Some newborn photographers in Connecticut will say hi, take a slew of photographs, send you a link to download them all, and you’re done. Shoot, burn and ghost.

I spend time getting to know who you are (and who your baby is!), what your family’s vibe is, and most importantly, find the special connections that you want to remember this time in the life of your family.

If a hard drive full of digital images is what you want, fine! But, if you want an experience that’s custom-made for your family, you’ve come to the right place. I value connections. Not just between you and your baby, but between you and I.

You’ll get hand-crafted photos that will make your heart sing, not just a download of snapshots.

Baby face scratches? Mommy bulge? No worries. I’ll work on each and every image to make sure you and your baby look your absolute best.

newborn photographer in connecticut
Your newborn photographer should make you feel comfortable.

My place or yours.

No stressing — your newborn photography session should be a relaxing time amidst the chaos of the first few weeks. You can choose to hold you session wherever you’re most comfortable. We can hold the newborn photo session in your home cocoon or in my clean and warm residential studio.

Your Connecticut newborn photographer should make it easy for you, and I’ll do that.

Think beyond digital. Create a legacy.

newborn photographer in connecticut provides printed photos.

Digital negatives are EASY. I get that. But, they are also easily lost, deleted and worst of all, FORGOTTEN. How often do you look through your computer at all the snapshots you’ve taken over the years? Never?

You need a Connecticut newborn photographer who offers a selection of incredible large framed prints, gallery wraps and hand-made custom albums that you will love forever.

Tell your baby’s story and leave a legacy of the love you’ve created. Choose from carefully curated printed products that will make you smile each time you see them in your home.

Looking for a Pregnancy Photographer or Newborn Photographer in Connecticut?

Below are several posts that will tell you more about my style of newborn and maternity photography and also about choosing a Connecticut newborn photographer.

Let’s Break all the Newborn Photography Rules

Ready to take it to the next level? Although photos of tiny sleeping babies curled up into cute positions are lovely, there is another, more natural, way of thinking about newborn photography. This means appreciating babies for just being babies. Ditching all of the expectations. Focusing on connections. Here are the two “rules” of newborn photography that can be broken.

Nontraditional newborn photography in connecticut

Nontraditional Newborn Photos for the New Normal

As Tim Gunn says: “Make it Work!” Whether in the studio or at home, we can get authentic newborn photos that will tell your story for years to come.

Nontraditional newborn photos are the way of the world in the days of COVID. Families are all stuck in situations that they’ve never dreamed of. We can make it work for you inside, outside, in the studio or at home. Your baby is worth it.

Connecticut newborn photographer with studio in Newtown.

Simple Newborn Photography is Classic (and SAFE)

Focus on the the baby, not the “stuff”. Why bother with props and wraps and hats when the best newborn photos are simple, clean and classic newborn photos? Newborn babies are so incredibly gorgeous on their own. There really is no need for a lot of “stuff” in newborn photos.

Plus, it’s much safer to limit time and contact in newborn photo sessions during COVID restrictions.

Pregnancy photographer who will make you fee safe and beautiful.

Pregnancy Photography Outside, or In the Studio

Get started on telling your baby’s story from the very beginning! Pregnancy is a great time to feel beautiful and empowered as a woman. Inside or out, we’ll capture some gorgeous maternity photos.

(Even if big brother or sister is in on the session!)

Contact Kim today to start telling your baby’s story in photos. Let’s chat! 203-426-4493


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