Breaking all the Newborn Photography “Rules”

Taking the art of newborn photography to the next level

Although photos of tiny sleeping babies curled up into cute positions are lovely, there is another, more natural, way of thinking about newborn photography.

This means appreciating babies for just being babies. Ditching all of the expectations. Focusing on connections.

Let’s break RULE #1: Babies have to be asleep for their photo session

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If she was asleep, you would miss those gorgeous eyes.

As a newborn photographer, I know that it is much easier to photograph sleeping babies! They don’t squirm around, and it’s easy to bend their pudgy bodies into all kinds of shapes when they’re unconscious.

But, what if the baby doesn’t want to go to sleep during its newborn photo session? Stress. Anxiety. Overfeeding.

The baby and the parents feel the PRESSURE of getting the baby to get to sleep, and will NOT be having a good time.

How about approaching the photo session with NO expectations. Sure, if baby decides to sleep, great! But if he’s awake, that’s also fine. We’ll get fabulous photos of this gorgeous new person either way.

Let’s break RULE #2: Babies have to be younger than 2 weeks old for their photo session

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Want some real connection? Photograph baby at one month.

It’s undeniable that on of the of the most exciting times of your life is when you have a newborn baby. It’s also one of the most exhausting, especially when their are older siblings involved.

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Let the unique personality of your new person shine.

New schedules, no sleep, body issues… why rush to get baby photos done in the first two weeks?

Baby will still be cute, more relaxed and even MORE amazing when he’s just a little older, or even a lot older. And you’ll feel more like yourself again.

This rule does tie into Rule #1, because babies who are under 2 weeks sleep. A lot. And therefore, the chances of getting him to sleep for the photo session are greater… see how that works?

But, if you want to remember the growing connection between you and your new baby, waiting a little longer for your photo session may be a great idea.

You may even get a real smile, or be able to see baby’s true personality emerging from the newborn fog.

Are you a rule-breaker? Give me a call.

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