Maternity Photos with Toddler in Tow

maternity photos with toddler in Connecticut.

Yes, we can get some great maternity photos with toddler in tow. It might take a little more patience, but it will be fun for everyone.

Not your first rodeo?

Just because this isn’t your first baby doesn’t mean that you can’t get some great pregnancy photos. These photos will be a little different than a typical first baby maternity session.

First of all, we’ll get everyone involved. Big brothers and sisters are welcome to join in if they’d like. The new baby is part of their own story and of your story as a growing family.

Imagine how interesting it will be for all of your kids to have photos of this exciting period to look back on.

Also, getting the other siblings-to-be involved will be one of their first steps on the path of accepting the new baby. A pregnancy photo shoot shows that it’s exciting to be a big brother or sister!

Pregnancy photos will show your child how much they were loved and wanted.

Power to the Pregnant!

With a little extra effort, we can still get some gorgeous maternity photos of just mom. You deserve it! There’s nothing more beautiful than a confident, healthy pregnant woman.

You’re working hard every day growing this baby, and you have a right to look and feel valued and validated. Every other day can be a battle of wills with your toddler, but take this one time to do something for yourself.

Dad (or my assistant) can manage the older kiddos while mom walks off to have a quiet moment to herself. Really, how many more of those will you have in the near future? Let’s savor this one.

Pregnancy photos with a toddler can be a lovely time for all.

Changing family dynamics

Things are going to change rapidly for your toddler, and they can sense it, if not totally understand it. A pregnancy photo shoot can capture the “before”.

Before he was a big brother. Before he had to share you. Before the pace of life got even more frantic. It’s these turning points that make your family’s story special.

Maternity photos at Ambler Farm in Wilton, CT.

Location, Location

Like they say in real estate, location is everything. I know a ton of beautiful (and private) photo locations all around Fairfield County and Westchester. This maternity session was held at Ambler Farm in Wilton.

Check out another recent outdoor maternity session which was done at gorgeous Waveny Park in New Canaan.

I’d be happy to supply you with a list of locations that you can choose from for your maternity photo session.

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