Authentic Newborn Photos — Let’s remember the LOVE

A nontraditional newborn photo session in Redding, CT
Authentic newborn photos in baby’s first home.

When you look back on this period in time, what are you going to want to remember?

Masks and hand sanitizer? Fear, uncertainty, and loss?

How about we turn this thing upside-down and focus on the love. The love of our bubble, our pod, our family, our people. Every family welcoming a new baby these days need to hang onto the good memories. That’s why telling your story with a unique newborn photo session matters more now.

Even though the world seems strange and a little scary, families have shown me that resilience, gratitude, and good humor still exists. Each newborn photo session, and each story is so unique and so real.

Who need a fancy wrap or hat when you have love?

Whether in the studio or at home, we can get authentic newborn photos that will tell your story for years to come.

Nontraditional newborn photos have been the way of the world in the days of COVID. Families are all stuck in situations that they’ve never dreamed of.

Makin’ it work

From moving to a new home and having a photoshoot without any furniture, to stuck living at the folks house while trying to find a new home, new parents have had to make it work.

Nontraditional times demand nontraditional newborn photos.

As a newborn photographer, I’ve had to make it work also! Since I don’t rely on fancy props and backgrounds, my natural style is very adaptable to whatever situation comes up.

See my post on ditching all the newborn photo “rules” here.

We even got great newborn photos when a baby with a compromised immune system couldn’t have anyone inside the house. (Luckily it was warm out so we made the most of the 6 feet rule, and a long lens!)

Whatever it is, we can still get lovely, sentimental, and emotive photos of your special one. Yes, they may not be traditional, posed, swaddled, and perfect, but they show the reality of the moment. Your nontraditional newborn photos will show your love and resilience.

It shows that even through what seems like the most frustrating and heartbreaking time, we can still create something beautiful. We still have so much to be thankful for, like our families, the love we all share, and our unique newborns and the unique newborn photos that come with it.

In all this uncertainty, we can make one thing certain; your family is special, precious, and unique. We can highlight those special moments with nontraditional newborn photos that you’ll cherish for years to come.


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