Hot Mamas!

New Studio is Perfect Setting for Pregnancy Photos

Bright. Clean. Private. Safe. Comfy. Are those things that you want from a photography studio for your pregnancy photos? Then, come on over!

pregnancy photos in connecticut

You’ll feel beautiful for your pregnancy photos in the studio.

Also, along with feeling safe and comfortable, you also want to let the gorgeous HOT mama-to-be out of the everyday grind of just being pregnant.

Pregnancy photographer in ct

You got this. Rockin’ the baby bump.

Pregnancy is the one time in your life that you can celebrate the simple beauty of a your amazing womanly body.

You look awesome. You should remember this forever.

At the studio in Sandy Hook, we treat mamas right. With the private changing area and full sized mirror, you can be sure that you’re looking your awesome best.

Every new mom has a different vibe, and I love personalizing each session. You’re encouraged to bring your own clothes, if you have a special dress or outfit that shows you off the way you like. Express your own mom-li-ness.

There’s also the option of choosing from elegant dresses and wraps that are part of my ever-changing maternity closet. We can be classic, we can be creative, we can be YOU.

And, please don’t be nervous before your session. I’ll provide you with tips prior to your maternity photo session on what to wear, how to prepare, and what to bring. Take a peek here!

pregnancy photographer

The last moments of being just a couple.

Sure, baby daddies are welcome, too!

Well, sometimes it’s not all about you… Dad can get in the act, if he wants!

Some dads-to-be are not totally into the whole photo thing, and I get that. But, if he’s willing, we’ll go easy on him. He’s obviously a big part of this great adventure, so let’s celebrate the new, awesome dad that he’ll be soon.

He might even have a good time!… And that love will shine through in your photos.

If you’d like to capture the beauty of your pregnancy in awesome, classic photos that you’ll treasure forever, contact me today. My cozy studio is open and ready to make you look like the gorgeous mama every woman deserves to be.

Fill out the form below to schedule your pregnancy photos, or send me an email today.







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