Let’s Keep it Simple and Safe with Classic Newborn Photos

Simple Newborn Photos will Never Go Out of Style

Simple newborn photos will always be in style.
Simple newborn photos will always be the best way to showcase your baby.

It’s about the baby, not the stuff.

Why bother with props and wraps and hats when the best newborn photos are simple newborn photos?

Newborn babies are so incredibly gorgeous on their own. There really is no need for a lot of “stuff” in newborn photos.

A huge industry has sprung up in the last couple of decades that sells every imaginable type of newborn props to a burgeoning audience of aspiring newborn photographers. Hats, bows, outfits, backgrounds, to name a few. The more elaborate, the better!

The huge industrial complex that profits off of this sends a constant message to newborn photographers that they MUST have all this “stuff” to have a successful photography business.

And then, those photographers sell this image of what newborn photography is to their clients—parents like you.

For classic newborn photos, the best props are parents.

Call me a Rebel.

After years of photographing newborn babies and their families, it’s my strong belief that all you really need is the baby and a simple white blanket.

See my blog post on Breaking the Rules of Newborn Photography.

I get it! I LOVE to dress up babies, too! It’s fun and they are always CUTE. I could fill my iPhone with quick pics of babies with BIG bows, dressed as bunnies, football players, mermaids…

But is that how you want to remember your baby as the years go by? Is that the kind of newborn photo that you want on the walls of your home for decades to come?

I think that most parents look back on these highly styled, elaborate photos and wonder why.

Classic newborn photography in your home.
This family will smile at this photo in two decades.

Simple is also Safer.

There was a time when I fell into the trap of believing that I needed a lot of stuff to take great newborn photos. My studio was filled with backgrounds and blankets.

When I’d travel to do an in-home newborn session, I’d bring it all, and it would take hours to lug it all and set it up. No wonder the sessions were 2 or 3 hours!

These days, more than ever, simple is better. Since we’re living in COVID times, less stuff means cleaner, less contact, and a much faster session. All I need for your newborn photo session is a mask, a camera, and and a white blanket. Well, I guess a baby, too!

Simple newborn photos are the way to go if you want to be super safe and efficient. Sessions in the studio and in home last about an hour. There is less fussing with the baby, and much less chance for any virus to be transmitted. See my COVID safety guidelines here.

Simple newborn photography sessions are safer for the baby and you.

Keep it simple and safe with a classic newborn photo session in the studio or in your home.


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